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Breedlove Jim

Rock 'n' Roll Hits

Rock n Roll Hits

1. Rock & Roll Music

2. SwaneeRiver Rock

3. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

4. C
.C. Rider

5. Hound Dog

6. My Prayer

7. Long Tall Sally

8. The Lonesome Road

9. Killer Diller

10. The Great Pretender

11. Jailhouse Rock

12. A
Mother's Love

Bonus Tracks: Joe Clay

13. Duck Tail

14. Goodbye Goodbye

15. Get On The Right Track

16. Doggone It

17. Cracker Jack

18. You Look That Good To Me (alternate take)

19. Sixteen Chicks

20. Slipping Out And Sneaking In

21. Get On The Right Track (alternate take)

22. Did You Mean Jelly Bean (What You Said...)

23. You Look That Good To Me