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Lee, Brenda



PAL Color. Dolby Digital 2CH. (Bit rate: 9,17Mbps) Time: 47 min.


1. Coming On Strong

2. Silver Threads And Golden Needles

3. Johnny One Time

4. You’re The One Thet I Want

5. Medley: (Jambalaya, Is It True, My Whole World Is Falling Down, Sweet Nothin’s, The End Of The World, All Alone Am I)

6. Medley: (Dum Dum, Fool Number One, Too Many Rivers, Jambalaya,)

7. How Much Love

8. That’s All You Gotta Do

9. I’m Sorry

10. Your Mama Don’t Dance

11. Medley: (Good Old Capella, The Old Landmark, I’ll Fly Away, Operator, Saved)

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