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Cheuni is a recent arrival to Japan but not to music. Her mother, Yee Mijya, was a big singing star in Korea. At the age of two, Cheuni was separated from her mother and claims she has only seen her once since that time. At the age of eight, she started performing as a singer and continued her formal music education at a special art university in her native Seoul.

Formal training appears to have helped the performer find her voice and set a base for her future as a full-time professional entertainer. Her voice is a little on the husky side, yet with a transparency about it.

In Korea, though she had won numerous awards for her singing, she felt Japan would be a challenge worth taking up. Before she went, however, a senpai singer advised her, “If you want to go and sing in Japan, you need to be able to have enough Japanese language to read the newspaper”.

Cheuni took the advice seriously and spent her first year in Japan studying a Japanese dictionary and working on her pronunciation. In addition, she wanted to make sure she looked sharp, and shed 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) for her debut.

All the hard work paid off, and in September of 1999 released her first single “Tokyo Twilight”. A year later her first album came out by the same title, and in that year she also won the Japan Record Labels Newcomer Award. By year’s end, she released her second single, “Tokyo ni Yuki ga Furu”.

Cheuni’s voice is a little lighter in tenor than that of Kim and Kye. She comes across as a positive and cheerful performer. Her songwriters say they enjoy writing for her. In her short time in Japan, Cheuni has picked up numerous awards and looks in good position to follow in the steps of her senpai from across the Japan Sea, who have shown that a good voice and hard work can open up doors even in the enka world.

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